Saturday, March 19, 2011

Apathy is Not a Virtue.

I will say it again and again, I'll have it branded on me, I'll wear it for you so that you won't forget. Apathy is not a virtue. You will never convince me, never, that the real problem in any given situation is that I care about the situation; its impact on me, its impact on others. The problem is in the root, not the little flower of offense that opens at the top.

This is what makes me a human; I would never celebrate my own premature deadening.


  1. If we're getting into sins and virtues... apathy is technically a sin, represented by sloth. However, I would say it can be a virtue, just as much as patience. If you're too patient, you can miss out on the grand things in life, which is bad. If you're apathetic, no one can hurt you outside of the physical. Depending on how one uses their sins/virtues, goals can be reached. All in moderation, you know? Apathy is my strength.

  2. In the Greek world, apatheia was considered among the highest virtues. Apatheia, the existence of disease, meant the ability to experience a situation without letting it throw you off your center...without allowing emotion to change your convictions.